A truck enters the Pfizer Manufacturing plant in Puurs, Belgium

Week in Review: A lorry load of hope

The confirmation that a vaccine had been approved was one of those moments of pure joy that has no appreciable way of being turned into words.

Under a policy enacted by successive governments, a cohort of people with NRPF are told they do not have a right to claim public funds

Covid crisis demands ‘safety-net for all’

The idea behind the NRPF condition – that people should not have access to public funds before they have been here and contributing for some time – does not stand up to scrutiny during a national crisis.

Far from the four-star treatment some critics claim people are receiving, the reality is appalling

Systemic racism in the asylum housing system

If you listen to Home Office ministers you could be forgiven for thinking that the only issues in asylum worth addressing are people crossing the Channel in boats. You'd be very wrong, as they are.

There is an assumption that British citizenship is easy to get. The reality is very different.

Reforming citizenship: A global Britain needs global Brits

There is an assumption that British citizenship is easy to get - something handed on a plate to anyone who has decided to call the UK their home. The reality is very different.

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'He dragged Labour back to its roots' - BFAWU pays tribute to Jeremy Corbyn

He dragged Labour back to its roots, increased its membership and found a strong audience with Trade Unions. The BFAWU's Ian Hodson pays tribute to outgoing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

BFAWU logo

Rebecca Long-Bailey should be the next Labour leader

This Labour leadership election ought to be a battle for ideas and how we challenge a political and financial establishment that has had the system rigged in their favour for far too long.

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Fair compensation campaign

We explain why legal reform is needed urgently to stop spiralling increases in compensation claims. For more information visit http://themdu.com/faircomp or Twitter using #FairComp

Fair compensation campaign

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