Starmer delivers his keynote speech during the party's online conference from the Danum Gallery in Doncaster.

Labour conference: Starmer breaks decisively with Corbyn

Starmer makes competence the defining value of his leadership and aims it squarely against both Corbyn and Johnson.

Deliver for the Midlands by connecting it with HS2

Deliver for the Midlands by connecting it with HS2

Proposals would see high speed trains directly connect the city centres of Leicester, Leeds, Birmingham and Nottingham.

Banned: New restriction enforces the Rule of Six, but ministers seem confused about what it entails.

Crimes against mingling: Government covid response reaches new height of absurdity

The government is passing highly intrusive laws seemingly with little understanding of what they entail.

Deal or no-deal: Incentives point to the former, despite all the noise.

Week in Review: A deal is still the most likely outcome

Despite all the noise, incentives are aligned and the broad outline of a deal is perfectly visible.

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'He dragged Labour back to its roots' - BFAWU pays tribute to Jeremy Corbyn

He dragged Labour back to its roots, increased its membership and found a strong audience with Trade Unions. The BFAWU's Ian Hodson pays tribute to outgoing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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Rebecca Long-Bailey should be the next Labour leader

This Labour leadership election ought to be a battle for ideas and how we challenge a political and financial establishment that has had the system rigged in their favour for far too long.


Fair compensation campaign

We explain why legal reform is needed urgently to stop spiralling increases in compensation claims. For more information visit or Twitter using #FairComp

Fair compensation campaign

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