President Donald Trump works the crowd during a campaign rally at East Carolina University, where chants of 'send her back' broke out.

Week in Review: Something grim rises from Trump's rally

'Send her back': There's a bleak echo of history as the rhetoric around Donald Trump deteriorates, but will the UK catch the disease?

Johnson: Defeated by MPs before he is even in office

First blood: Parliament blocks Boris Johnson's plan to sideline it

Dramatic vote in parliament sees MPs successfully fight off threat of prorogation.

Labour backbencher Emma Lewell-Buck appears ready to back no-deal

Labour's no-dealers need to get a grip

The MPs who never backed any option - May's deal, second referendum or revoke - now appear to be drifting towards the most chaotic alternative imaginable.

Ignored: Many European voters were turned away from polling stations during May's election.

Revealed: Letter shows UK govt indifference to European voters

After countless European citizens were disenfranchised, letter reveals government's shambolic handling of their voting data.

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The route to tomorrow's journeys

The route to tomorrow's journeys

The need to reduce congestion and to improve air quality has put us on the brink of immeasurable change.

Government Twitter video

How government departments are using Twitter video

Find out which government department produces the most popular videos on Twitter.


Planning for people

The English planning system is under review. This video explains the issues and loopholes that lie in the current (and proposed) planning policy. It describes how we’d like to shape it to work for local people and the countryside, rather than to profit developers. Find out more at

Planning for People

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