Voter ID: Got pushes ahead with scheme despite little evidence of a problem

Photo ID: Govt voting reform will discourage ethnic minority voting

The government is twisting the rules of the game in their favour.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn walk through Central Lobby after MPs were summoned to listen to the Queen's Speech today.

Johnson launches the first mythical Queen's Speech

For the first time, the British government has proposed a legislative agenda it knows it cannot pass.

Hard break: Costs of leaving EU now becoming clear

After three years of chaos, I've come to regret my Leave vote

The EU is far from perfect, but the costs of leaving are becoming plain.

Inconvenience as aspiration: Govt PR campaign hits new heights of weirdness

Week in Review: Govt's Oct 31st campaign the pinnacle of Brexit weirdness

A PR drive with no purpose, telling everyone how inconvenient its own policy will be, on the basis of a deadline it cannot achieve.

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The route to tomorrow's journeys

The route to tomorrow's journeys

The need to reduce congestion and to improve air quality has put us on the brink of immeasurable change.

Government Twitter video

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Find out which government department produces the most popular videos on Twitter.


Planning for people

The English planning system is under review. This video explains the issues and loopholes that lie in the current (and proposed) planning policy. It describes how we’d like to shape it to work for local people and the countryside, rather than to profit developers. Find out more at

Planning for People

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