The deportation flight last week only took 17 of the expected 50 individuals, following last-minute legal action

Jamaica deportation: The govt is trying to bully those who stood up for justice

Renewed attacks on judicial review are a grim reminder that the government doesn't like being held to account over its treatment of immigrants.

Europeans in the UK: Hapless Brexit policy threatens lack of security.

European citizens warn of post-Brexit discrimination

They promised that "nothing would change". But European citizens are being undermined on a daily basis.

Johnson presides over his new Cabinet on Friday morning.

Week in Review: Johnson sets up his future failure

Policy-making requires dissent. The prime minister has banished any remnant of it.

Javid and Johnson embrace during the election last year. This morning, the chancellor resigned.

The grip tightens: Javid resignation shows even scrutiny within govt is fading

The attacks on the media, the courts and the civil service are ongoing. But now even internal government is being brought to heel.

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Rebecca Long-Bailey should be the next Labour leader

This Labour leadership election ought to be a battle for ideas and how we challenge a political and financial establishment that has had the system rigged in their favour for far too long.

Government Twitter video

How government departments are using Twitter video

Find out which government department produces the most popular videos on Twitter.


Planning for people

The English planning system is under review. This video explains the issues and loopholes that lie in the current (and proposed) planning policy. It describes how we’d like to shape it to work for local people and the countryside, rather than to profit developers. Find out more at

Planning for People

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