Planning for people

The English planning system is under review. This video explains the issues and loopholes that lie in the current (and proposed) planning policy. It describes how we’d like to shape it to work for local people and the countryside, rather than to profit developers. Find out more at

Planning for People

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    High Speed 2 review announced by Government

    Delivery of High Speed 2 has been thrown into doubt following an announcement this morning that Government has commissioned an independent review into whether the scheme should proceed.

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    Call for crackdown on phone use at the wheel

    Options to ban the use of hands free mobile phones while driving should be set out by the Government before the end of the year, the Transport Select Committee has urged in a new report.

  • "Since 2008 bus journeys have decreased by 15.5% in metropolitan areas outside of London."

    Continuing decline in bus passenger journeys could be affecting productivity

    The continuing decline in bus journeys taken and bus mileage in England was reaffirmed in The Department for Transport’s annual bus statistics released today (30/01/2019).

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    Thousands could have been exposed to asbestos in science experiments

    Tens of thousands of pupils and teachers and other staff could have been exposed to asbestos in science labs, after it was revealed by the HSE that two companies have been supplying equipment containing the deadly material to UK schools, the NASUWT – The Teachers’ Union is warning today.

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    A Vacant Land Tax for Wales?

    The process under the Wales Act 2014 that enables the Welsh Government to introduce new taxes in areas of devolved responsibility subject to approval from the National Assembly for Wales and both Houses of Parliament, will be tested for the first time with the formal proposal for a vacant land tax going to the UK Government later this year.

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