Retailers have been offered guidance on preventing the purchase of whipped cream for psychoactive purposes

Pick of the week: A storm in a whipped cream can

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Vote Leave claims 'undermines trust in official statistics'

Leave campaign slammed by statistics watchdog for false EU cost claims

UK statistics authority said EU cost claims by Vote Leave are "misleading" and "undermines trust in official statistics."

"Our rulers also handed our banking system to people who could neither value or even understand it – and then made us pay when it crashed"

The EU debate is a referendum on the failures of Britain's ruling class

Voting to remain in the EU means accepting the next 25 years will be pretty much the same as the last

Iain Duncan Smith: "Of course there's going to be risks if you leave"

Iain Duncan Smith: Austerity is a price worth paying for Brexit

Former work and pensions secretary says economic risks are outweighed by need to leave EU

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RSPCA exposing Britain’s puppy dealers

RSPCA exposing Britain’s puppy dealers

Shocked by the scenes on BBC Panorama’s Britain’s Puppy Dealers Exposed? Sadly, we’re not.


BLOG: Europe’s search for a balance on taxpayers’ rights v responsibilities

The Model Taxpayer Charter (MTC) is intended to foster a relationship of mutual trust, respect and responsibility between taxpayers, tax advisers, tax administrations and the State.

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