"Everything is still to play for. Freedom of movement can still be salvaged"

No more excuses: Stand up for immigrants

Immigration makes this country better and those who say otherwise are wrong

Britain has voted to leave the EU

Brexit: What happens now?

Britain has voted to Brexit. What does that mean, what happens next and are we all going to die?

Britain out the EU? Maybe not.

Is there any way Britain can stay in the EU?

The fragile roadmap which could allow us to stay in the EU

All the results so far

Full EU referendum results

A list of all the results as they come in

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"The dynamics of today's electricity and gas markets do not create companies or business strategies in which public interest"

Britain's energy situation is unacceptable and unsustainable

We should be developing de-centralised energy that is community owned

RSPCA exposing Britain’s puppy dealers

RSPCA exposing Britain’s puppy dealers

Shocked by the scenes on BBC Panorama’s Britain’s Puppy Dealers Exposed? Sadly, we’re not.

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