"There's just not much going on. Corbyn offers no hope."

Week in Review: Will the last person in Corbyn's office turn out the lights?

What do you do when there's no-one left to blame?

Paul Nuttall in Stoke yesterday. If the Ukip leader can't succeed in this seat, he'll struggle anywhere.

It's time to put Ukip to sleep

Nuttall can't take votes off Labour or the Tories

"It is perfectly likely that we are seeing the start of a decline in migration as a result of Brexit."

The reduction in migrant numbers is a British tragedy

Nothing to celebrate about the latest figures

"Two elderly ladies in Birmingham have been threatened with fines for sweeping up leaves."

The busybody state

When it's a crime to sweep up leaves

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No amount of immigrant-bashing can hide the real truth that Tory ideology continues to drive people in this country into total despair.

Stand up for fairness, or be divided for good

The only people responsible for the hardship and division that currently exists within our communities are the Conservatives.

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