Brand Britain: Fall in migrant numbers no cause for celebration. Copyright: iStock I robertiez

EU migrant numbers are falling because Brand Britain is damaged

We shouldn't welcome the decline, it just reflects our diminished reputation

Finding identity: University provides a key gap between childhood and adulthood. Copyright: iStock I Domnicky

Escape your hometown

Education is the least important part of going to university

Comic war: The WW2 metaphors long ago ran out of control

'Appeasers' vs 'traitors'

WW2 rhetoric shows we're losing our grip in our national debate

Globalisation and social media have speeded-up a social fragmentation process I Copyright: iStock/spfoto

Coming undone

How echo chambers Balkanised society

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"Pay and exploitative employment are the real problems faced in modern Britain"

Labour's plans for a real living wage would be life changing for many people

A minimum wage of £10 will lift millions of people out of poverty

"They refuse to acknowledge the problems working class people of this country face day in, day out"

Budget Tories out of touch once again

The government's incompetence has shifted attention away from the real issues at hand

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