"Erdington should be a safe Labour seat, but safe Labour seats don't exist anymore."

Working class Erdington shows there is no such thing as a safe Labour seat

Erdington should be a dead cert for Labour but the party faces a battle to cling on here

"Cooper is a composed, articulate technocrat who exudes competence while delivering modest returns - not unlike Theresa May, but with a more opaque worldview."

Labour needs more than just a good sales rep

Yvette Cooper is being touted as Labour's saviour, but it's not clear what she stands for

"The closeness between some of Labour Leave's leading campaigners and Ukip has clearly worried Labour members"

The Labour Brexit group which donated to Ukip

MEP Seb Dance on the strange pro-Brexit campaign group operating within Labour

"The NHS simply doesn't have enough nurses"

Brexit risks undermining NHS without quick government action

If the government wants to avoid an NHS crisis it must focus on pay and nursing shortages

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"Pay and exploitative employment are the real problems faced in modern Britain"

Labour's plans for a real living wage would be life changing for many people

A minimum wage of £10 will lift millions of people out of poverty

"They refuse to acknowledge the problems working class people of this country face day in, day out"

Budget Tories out of touch once again

The government's incompetence has shifted attention away from the real issues at hand

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