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  • High speed rail infographic

    Infographic: HS2, more than a railway

    An infographic depicting the economic benefits, both direct and indirect, of the proposed north-south rail link.

  • Voice the Union logo

    JUAC: Dear David Laws - open letter to David Laws MP on asbestos concerns

    Dear Mr David Laws. We are writing to you to raise a number of urgent concerns that surround the recent investigation into the asbestos contamination of Cwmcarn High School. On the 17th of April Caerphilly Council took the decision to spend £1million on the removal of asbestos materials and contamination from Cwmcarn High School to make it safe for reoccupation. The school was closed in October 2012 following a report that identified... Read more.

  • How will the NHS cope with new challenges?

    New dawn delivers fresh challenges for NHS

    Having been a cauldron of controversy regarding care levels, rumoured budget cuts and waiting periods over the past few years, the NHS has hit the headlines again recently with its landmark reforms coming into effect. But what challenges do these pose for our health service - and what effect will they have on patients?

  • The EU's top travel destinations

    To EU or not to EU? That's a traveller's question

    The idea of the EU referendum has sparked controversy all over the shop, whether you work in a government role like the civil service or you're a member of the public. While Cameron, Clegg and everyone else in between are arguing the merits of the proposal, the rest of us are wondering one thing - how will it impact our holidays?

  • NUT logo

    NUT: Dear Michael, I am writing to you after reading the response of your Schools Minister Lord Nash

    Open letter to Michael Gove from Chris Blower at the NUT.

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