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The Malvern Hills: Not such a green and pleasant land any more

Council won't sack defecating binman

A local council is refusing to sack a binman who defecated on a pensioner's drive.

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  • CPA: Construction Waste Stats show progress in reducing waste to landfill

    The latest construction industry waste figures show that the industry is continuing to make good progress with regard to reducing the amount of construction and demolition waste going to landfill, even allowing for the decline in construction activity due to the recession. The latest figures, published today, show that since the baseline figure was established in 2008, construction and demolition waste to landfill has reduced by 1.87 million tonnes. The industry is therefore on target to meet the halving waste to landfill target for these two particular waste streams.

  • A Deposit Return System in the UK – how would it work?

    The scheme is simple: when you buy a drink you pay a small deposit of around 10p. Then, when you take the container back to the shop, your deposit is returned and the container is recycled.

  • Save £50 per month just by reading instructions

    Households can save an average of £50 per month simply by reading the instructions on food packaging.

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