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Godfrey Bloom: 'The writing is on the wall - when it appeared the money printing frenzy might stop, stocks and bonds slumped'

Comment: Don't be fooled by GDP – we're seeing a fake boom

The coalition has printed £350 billion and borrowed another £120 billion last year alone. So forgive me if I'm unimpressed by 0.8% growth.

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  • Unite: Recession and budget is proof Osborne is not up to the job

    Unite, Britain's biggest union, says Britain's return to recession and the government's disastrous budget is proof that George Osborne is not up to the job.

  • ESRC: Survey paints a portrait of the UK in recession

    A complex and fascinating portrait of a society suffering the effects of the deepest recession since the early 1990s and in which young people appear to have been hardest hit is revealed by new findings from the UK’s largest longitudinal household survey Understanding Society. The research published also shows that efforts to get more students from poorer backgrounds to go to university have not been successful and that more needs to be done to get teenagers to live a healthier life in order to assure their future happiness.

  • CPA: Construction Re-enters Recession in Q1 with Further Falls Expected

    Today’s figures from ONS for GDP in the first quarter of 2012 show that the UK economy and construction industry returned to recession with a fall of 0.2% fall and 3% respectively.

  • CPA: Sharp Construction Fall Causes Deepening UK Recession

    Today’s GDP figures from ONS show that the UK’s recession deepened further in the second quarter of 2012, led predominantly by further sharp falls in construction activity. Whilst overall, the UK economy shrank by 0.7% between Q1 and Q2, construction fell 5.2% over that same period, indicating that the construction sector was now in a deep depression, despite a number of recent initiatives by government to spur growth.

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