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Pensioners matter to the Tories - but they won't win a general election by concentrating on the grey vote exclusively

Unimaginative and tired, the Tories' leadership is just reinforcing defeat

Cameron and Osborne have become so fixated with the importance of sticking to the plan they have become bogged down in the tactics of defeat.

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  • NARPO: Treatment of elderly police officers "astounding"

    The National Association of Retired Police Officers is astounded at the attitude of the West Yorkshire Police towards elderly former police officers, who were forced to retire early from the Police Service following an injury they received whilst doing their duty. These officers are paid a pension to recognise the losses associated with their injury.

  • ESRC: Tackling financial exploitation of elderly people

    Professionals who are in close contact with elderly people could soon be in a better position to spot if they are being financially exploited, for example through a lottery scam or by a deceitful relative draining the bank account, thanks to a pioneering new study funded by the UK Research Councils’ New Dynamics of Ageing programme (NDA)

  • ESRC: Group interaction among elderly is the key to significant health outcomes

    The health benefits of 'water clubs' in care homes for the elderly, where residents gather together regularly to drink water , owe as least as much to the social nature of the activity as to the value of drinking water itself, an investigation by psychologists has shown.

  • Trading Standards – protecting people, supporting businesses

    Trading Standards plays an important role in local communities – from safeguarding vulnerable people to protecting young people's health and helping businesses to grow.

  • Human rights infringements are probably worse than already established

    UK's old age miseries revealed

    Serious widespread failings in home care for older people are emerging, as MPs prepare to clash over plans to raise the retirement age.

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