Brown-Hitler spoof becomes YouTube sensation

A still from the movie Downfall
A still from the movie Downfall

A video parodying Labour's disastrous local and European election results with the downfall of Hitler has become a surprise YouTube sensation.

Titled 'Brownfall', the video replaces the subtitles on a recent award-winning German move - called Downfall - chronicling Hitler's last hours.

The Oscar nominated movie has inspired a sub-genre of internet editors who adapt the subtitles during one of Hitler's rants to whatever material suits them.

In Brownfall the prime minister/Hitler considers replacing Jacqui Smith with the resurrected Jade Goody, and setting up Newcastle United manager Alan Shearer as his replacement.

"If only it had been me in '97," he says, comparing himself to Tony Blair.

"Diana would still be alive, and I'd have told the Americans to stuff it up their fat f***ing a***s."

After hearing of the scale of his election loss, Brown/Hitler says: "There is some mistake, I'll phone Simon Cowell."

Labour took third place in the European elections, after the Conservatives and Ukip.

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Warning: Contains very strong language


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