Podcast: Temperatures rising over 38 Degrees

Is the internet-mobilising 38 Degrees a spamming organisation – or leading from the front in an online revolution in democracy?

MPs' inboxes have been filling up with worried constituents' views for years. But it was the formation of 38 Degrees in 2009 that really revolutionised the organising capacity of constituents.

Its members vote on the issues to campaign on, but it faces criticism from some backbenchers, like Colne Valley's Jason McCartney, frustrated with its apparent bias towards centre-left issues.

Others, like Huddersfield's Barry Sheerman and Clacton-on-Sea's Douglas Carswell, are more sympathetic. Harlow's Robert Halfon has gone one step further, setting up the Right Angle site as an alternative campaigning platform with a very different view of politics.

This podcast features interviews with all of them – as well, of course, with David Babbs, 38 Degrees' executive director. You can read our interview with him in full here.


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