The Labour-run council applied for the injunction after a small camp of around ten tents sprung up in a local park back in April

Labour council tries to kick homeless people out of city

Homeless group in Bristol could be forced to leave the city

Homeless people judged to be 'low priority' by councils are turned away with little or no help

Homelessness crisis: Vulnerable people being 'discriminated' against by councils

Homeless people judged to be 'low priority' are turned away with little or no help

Counting the pennies: Brexit set to reduce wages by 2.5%

Report: Brexit will damage incomes of poorest workers

Any increase in wages resulting from a reduction in immigration will be overwhelmed by cuts to incomes from the economic consequences of Brexit, a new study has found.

Religion in Scottish schools: Parents given new guidance

The atheist parent guidebook: Campaigners give advice on combating religion in schools

Parents concerned by religious classes being imposed on their children in school are to be given new guidance on how to challenge the headmaster, in an initiative by secular campaigners.


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