The Grayling meme: villain starts cropping up in leading's authors' novels

The Grayling meme: Top authors insert justice secretary villain into their novels

Top authors and playwrights, including Stephen Fry and David Hare, have decided to include a character called Chris Grayling into their work, as the protest over the prisoner book ban rumbles on.

Border tensions on the rise over health services

Coalition's NHS reforms stoke tension on Scottish border

NHS patients are facing a 'tartan curtain' caused by bickering health officials either side of the English-Scottish border.

Labour continues to lose the party funding battle

Miliband's woes compounded by money trouble

Labour continued to lose ground in the battle for cash ahead of next year's general election, new figures show.

NHS accountability remains unclear, over two years after the establishment of NHS England

It's official: No-one knows who is in charge of the NHS

Relations with the Department of Health and NHS England, a report out today states, are "extremely complicated and still evolving". This is another way of saying 'we have no idea who is actually in charge'.


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