Italian Navy ship rescues people left stranded in the Mediterranean

Refugee crisis: Only take in Christians insists Nigel Farage

Ukip leaders suggests non-Christians should be turned back

Coffins with the bodies of immigrants who died trying to reach the Italian coast arrive from Lampedusa, after a similar tragedy last February

Greens take Cameron to task over refugee boat tragedy

David Cameron has been told to take responsibility for the thousands of refugees dying in the Mediterranean, as the issue overshadowed the election campaign.

David Cameron: Losing the battle of ideas

Tory manifesto pledges 'alienate' voters

Labour winning the manifesto battle with the Conservatives

The number of children growing up in poverty fell under New Labour, but has increased under the coalition

Labour drops commitment to ending child poverty

Labour's manifesto says it will "never forget" the importance of tackling child poverty - but is not extending the 2020 target.


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