Tessa Jowell: On course for City Hall

Tessa Jowell emerges as favourite in London mayoral race

Former culture secretary on course to win City Hall for Labour

May presses forward her advantage against the police - but will law and order Tories be comfortable?

May goes to war with the police

The police will have their powers chipped away across multiple fronts, after Theresa May used the Queen's Speech to put forward a raft of tough measures against them.

Eve of battle: Plans for the Human Rights Act are expected in tomorrow's Queen's Speech

Eve of battle: Human Rights Act supporters bullish ahead of Queen's Speech

Human rights supporters are gearing up for a fight ahead of the first glimpse of plans to scrap the Human Rights Act in tomorrow's Queen's Speech.

Harman wants a gender balanced leadership team, with either the deputy or the leader of the party a woman

Harman: Labour's leader or deputy leader must be a woman

It would be unacceptable if the both deputy leader and leader of the Labour party turned out to be men, Harriet Harman said today.


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