The Home Office is providing shop owners with guidance on how to sell whipped cream spray

Policing whipped cream: Home Office publishes advice for Psychoactive Substances Act

The psychoactive substances guidance makes it clear that the new law is unenforcable

The Leave campaign represents a far too narrow slice of the electorate

The reasons the Leave campaign are losing the EU referendum

Brexiteers are failing to reach out beyond their core supporters

"He keeps making arguments so fierce that they immediately raise questions about why he would have created this situation in the first place"

EU referendum: The prime minister is either a liar or dangerously incompetent

If leaving the EU would really be such a catastrophe why did David Cameron call for the referendum in the first place?

"At the crux of the matter is the Conservative belief that poverty is something which is caused by decisions made by individuals rather than by government"

The government's life chances plan shows they know nothing about poverty

The Conservatives fail to acknowledge the impact their own reforms have had on poverty


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