Greek finance minister Yianis Varoufakis attends a meeting as prime minister Alexis Tsipras addresses his party members and ministers at the Greek Parliament

Greek crisis shows the eurozone is a thug enforcer for capitalism

Europe's message to Greece is clear: Do what the market wants, or suffer the consequences

Farron: We should now support a ban on fracking

Comment: If I'm Lib Dem leader, we'll oppose fracking

The party needs to show how a low-carbon economy can create jobs and boost pay

The view from Ireland: Not quite a rosey as some might wish

How the legal highs ban proved disastrous in Ireland

The Home Office didn't bother to check how a version of the psychoactive subtances bill worked in Ireland - if it had it would have seen that it didn't work

Schools in: We need to teach kids debate before they go to university

We need to teach schoolchildren free speech before university beats it out of them

University culture has becomes increasingly dominated by offence culture. We need to show school children the value of debate before they get there.


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