Brexit secretary Dominic Raab during his statement in the Commons unveiling the white paper. Photo: PA.

If this is all the government has for its Brexit white paper, we're in trouble

The Brexit white paper is full of muddled thinking, desperation and fantasy. It is alarming that this is all they've got.

Brexit crunch-point is finally here | Copyright: iStock

War-gaming the Brexit chaos: What the hell happens now?

The moment when dream meets reality is here. So what happens now?

Brexit was never going to be a negotiation of equals | Copyright: iStock

Don't be fooled - the Chequers plan is still economic suicide

Brexiters have never understood the basic point: this was never a negotiation of equals

Donald Trump | Copyright: PA

Trump is a one-man argument for nuclear disarmament

The volatility of the US president shows why a nuclear deterrent is so unreliable and dangerous


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