Outsourced cleaners at the LSE want the same terms and conditions as those employed directly by the university.

LSE cleaners dispute shows the true ugliness of the British class system

The LSE teaches about inequality while its cleaners fight for a fair deal

Theresa May's manifesto reflects more of her worldview than her actual plans

The Tory manifesto is an uncosted shambles

After attacking Labour over its manifesto costings, the Conservatives have barely offered any figures at all

May's shadow against the wall as she unveils the Tory party manifesto

Tory manifesto: May lays ground for Brexit compromise

The PM has decided not to take on her critics and instead prepared to capitulate to EU demands

Tim Farron has committed to a soft Brexit deal, a referendum on a final deal, and tax-funded public spending

Lib Dems pledge to outflank Corbyn on reversing welfare cuts

Tim Farron's manifesto pledges to axe the benefit freeze - but commits far less education spending than Labour


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