Philip Hammond, known as Spreadsheet Phil, is considered a safe pair of hands, but his record is questionable.

The myth of the dull: Boring politicians are no safer than exciting ones

Our natural bias convinces us that boring politicians make a safe pair of hands, but there's no evidence to back it up.

Education wars: While battles were fought over competitive spots and the 11+, private schools blossomed

Grammar schools aren't the enemy - private schools are

The left's misguided educational priorities have let private schools take control of the country

The Magna Carta is celebrated on a stained glass window in Massachusetts State House

The will of the people shattered our constitution

Our fragile constitutional arrangements were easily broken by an age of referendums

Dominic Raab, Brexit secretary, now faced by the consequences of the myths he used to promote.

Backstop breakdown is a product of the oldest Brexit lie

If Theresa May had stood up the lies in the early days of her premiership, this wouldn't be happening. But instead, she fed them.


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