"Labour can salvage itself: it can get a proper leadership, build policies, recover the more than half of supporters Corbyn has driven away"

Don't fall into the trap: Labour MPs should vote against a general election

Labour MPs should defy their leader and stop this election

"If opposition parties play their cards right, May could come out of this election suffering severe reputational damage"

How the general election could go against Theresa May

There are many risks for the prime minister in the path she has chosen

Theresa May has announced that an early election is to take place on the 8th June

Shock election announcement: Reaction

All the reaction to Theresa May's announcement

"This was the week in which people started to get poorer because of Brexit."

Week in Review: When Brexit started to make us poorer

Rising inflation and wage stagnation - Brexit forecasts are beginning to pan out


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