This referendum is one of the oddest of them all

The Scottish independence referendum is one of the strangest polls ever

This was the weirdest electoral process since Britain's In/Out of Europe poll in 1975

A demo for the union in Trafalgar Square. But is it too little too late?

Why would anyone still love Britain?

It's ignored and unloved in the Scottish independence debate - but are there still reasons to love Britain?

Gordon Brown: One of his best ever speeches

Gordon Brown was passionate, but the Yes campaign is shouting louder

Logic and argument have been left behind on the final day of campaigning in the Scottish independence referendum. Both sides, gathering for rallies in Glasgow, are now just trying to shout as loudly as they possibly can.

Cheering on the union: Better Together campaign was relentlessly negative

Comment: I supported Irish freedom. Now I support the union

Britain transcends race, nationality and religion. It is a wonderful product of the Enlightenment.


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