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There is nothing that anyone can say that should not be said, debated and challenged | Copyright: iStock

We're working to protect free speech at university - but govt needs to stop getting in the way

We're operationalising a free speech agenda in higher education, but ministers need to figure out what they want

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  • Full apology from LSBU over flying spaghetti monster censorship

    LSBU apologise for censorship of Flying Spaghetti Monster posters at freshers fair stall.

  • Why choose City University?

  • Studying pharmacology at university

    Have you ever wondered how medicines work? Or how they are processed by the body? These questions are answered by the science of pharmacology!

  • Satirical spaghetti monster image banned by London South Bank University as ‘religiously offensive’

    Nonreligious students at London South Bank University have had posters advertising their society banned for being ‘offensive’.

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