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Revealed: Two-child benefit cap hits 70,000 families

'Two-child limit' on benefit payments hit more than 70,000 families in its first year

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  • BSA: Higher Junior ISA limit good news for children

    The Government’s announcement today that the Junior ISA annual subscription limit will be £3,600, instead of £3,000, is good news for children, says the BSA. The launch of the Junior ISA in November 2011 will go some way to replacing the Child Trust Fund.

  • CIHT on Proposed Speed Limit Raise

    The Transport Minister Phillip Hammond has announced that the Government will look to launch a consultation with the proposal to increase the motorway speed limit to 80mph by 2013.

  • CIOT: Child benefit charge decision time for families

    Families with children and a parent with over £50,000 a year income are being warned that the deadline is approaching for a decision on whether to opt out of receiving child benefit or to continue to receive it and effectively repay some or all of it at a later date via the new ‘high income child benefit charge’ (HICBC).

  • Shameful record on child poverty

    Chris Keates: 'The findings of this Report confirm a bleak and depressing picture where child poverty is set to increase, further entrenching the socio-economic divide across the UK'.

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