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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will become the next president and vice-president of the United States.

UK must help Biden repair the damage of Trump on human rights

We've our own problems and failures. But we can still make sure we help clean up Trump's mess.

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  • NARPO reaction to the release of police killer Harry Roberts

    The President of NARPO Ian Potter has described the release of the notorious police killer Harry Roberts, who was jailed for life for murdering three unarmed officers in Shepherd's Bush, West London, in 1966 as ‘a disgrace and an insult to the families of the victims and yet another demonstration of how this Government have scant regard for policing in this country.’

  • BHA: 'The Unbelievers'

    Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss q&a London Oct 23rd.

  • Coronavirus: Demand for travel continues to plummet

    Traffic volumes have now fallen by 71% on the roads compared with the first week of February while domestic rail passenger journeys are down 95%, Transport Minister Chris Heaton-Harris has told MPs.

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