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Daylight savings bill has its second reading on December 3rd

Race against time: Campaigners fight clocks going back

An MP's proposed bill to stop the clocks going back is gathering "enormous" cross-party support, Rebecca Harris has claimed.

  • A Nasa shot of the oil spill

    Cautious optimism as BP oil spill stopped

    One of the most volatile and devastating environmental disasters of modern times might be at an end today, as BP finally succeeded in stemming the spill of oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Conservation group fears austerity risk

    'Austerity countryside' feared

    Cutting short-term spending on Britain's countryside as part of the coalition government's austerity drive could lead to huge long-term costs, a conservation group has warned.

  • Clarke wants to save 'vital green space'

    Coalition to end 'garden grab' development

    Gardens will no longer be classified as brownfield sites in a bid to stop developers taking them over, according to the government.

  • Tories prefer recycled carrots, not recycled sticks

    'Waste charging' to be binned

    The Labour's government's 'bin tax' proposals to charge those who refuse to recycle is set to be disposed of by communities and local government secretary Eric Pickles.

  • Lib Dems would invest in wind turbine manufacturing capacity

    Green Lib Dems on policy offensive

    The Liberal Democrats have begun a series of policy announcements before the second TV leaders' debate, in a bid to rebuff attacks from Labour and the Conservatives.

  • David Cameron has promised a free vote on the hunting ban

    Cameron promises vote on hunting

    David Cameron has re-iterated his opposition to the fox-hunting ban but said he will not whip MPs to repeal the law.



    The environment has taken something of a backseat since the financial crisis and the expenses scandal began dominating political debate in Britain.

  • Young need rural future, advocate says

    Rural exodus 'must be stopped'

    Young people have to be persuaded to stay in the countryside if the future of rural communities is to be secured, the government's rural advocate has pressed.

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