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Newsnight's heatwave tweet shows BBC still vulnerable to false balance on climate change

Old habits die hard as corporation treats hot weather as "probably part of natural cycles"

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  • BHA: Journalism, Churnalism and Media Bias

    ow much journalism is churnalism - the uncritical regurgitation of press releases? To what extent can we trust what we read in the press about medical and other scientific discoveries and breakthroughs? How impartial is mainstream media coverage of key political and economic issues? And just how much of tabloid news is just, well, made up?

  • Guard against White Hat Bias says BASC

    Regulations and policy affecting shooting and conservation must be stripped of bias and be based on robust and carefully-assessed evidence according to the UK’s largest shooting organisation.

  • BASC urges BBC to remove Chris Packham from negotiations for new programmes

    BASC is urging the BBC to drop presenter Chris Packham from negotiations for upcoming shows

  • Lords call for humanist broadcasting at the BBC

    The British Humanist Association (BHA) has echoed the Government's response to a debate in the House of Lords last night on the BBC, Humanism, and Thought for the Day, saying that it 'hopes the BBC has been listening'.

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