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  • Aviation Noise

    Aviation noise is unwanted sound generated by aircraft, and it is a serious and growing problem in the UK. As airports expand and air services increase, more and more homes are exposed for large parts of the day to a persistent background noise from aircraft.

  • Aviation expansion

    The aviation industry experienced massive growth in the 1980s and 1990s. The UK was one of the principal beneficiaries of this growth, and today, it has an aviation sector that is second only to that of the USA.

  • Animal Welfare

    Animal welfare relates to the general health and well-being of animals and covers a wide range of issues, from the care of family pets to concerns about exploitation and abuse.

  • Animal Testing

    Both live and deceased animals are used for commercial or scientific research or educational purposes in a range of capacities.

  • Angling

    Angling is the capture of fish for recreational purposes. It therefore may be distinguished from commercial fishing.

  • Ambulance Service

    The ambulance service is the emergency response wing of the National Health Service (NHS).

  • A-Levels

    A-Levels are properly referred to as the Advanced General Certificate of Education. They are one of the types of principal examination course studied by pupils in England, Wales and Northern Ireland immediately after the conclusion of compulsory education,

  • Alcohol duties

    Most products containing alcohol are subject to a series of excise duties: either spirits duty, wine and made wine duty, beer duty or cider and perry duty. These duties are collected by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs and are levied on manufacturers and importers.

  • Airport expansion - London

    London airports have seen continued passenger growth since the end of 2008 and London's three largest airports (Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted) are all expected to be at capacity by 2030. This predicted growth in demand has prompted a national debate on how best to provide more capacity in the future for London and the South East.

  • Air Pollution

    The European Environment Agency defines air pollution as "the presence of contaminant or pollutant substances in the air at a concentration that interferes with human health or welfare, or produces other harmful environmental effects."

  • Adoption and Fostering

    Adoption is the term given for the permanent transfer of legal rights in relation to the parental responsibility of a child. Foster care describes the temporary acquisition of guardianship rights in relation to a child. Foster care is often used when a child is waiting to be adopted or the courts are considering an adoption order.

  • Academies

  • Abortion

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