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Unite: Union leader calls on working people to fight to keep the Tories in opposition

Derek Simpson, joint leader of Unite, will rally 1500 key union activists in Brighton this week, urging them to campaign across Britain's workplaces to keep the Tories out of power.

Unite, the biggest union in the UK with two million members, is holding its first unified sector conferences in Brighton this week. Activists from key sectors of the economy including finance, transport, construction, energy, the automotive industry aerospace and the public sector will debate and decide industrial policy throughout the week. The week long conference begins on the same day the CBI holds its annual conference.

Urging activists to campaign across Britain's workplaces to keep the Tories out of government, Derek Simpson, joint leader of Unite said:

"At the CBI conference today big business will be cosying up to the Tories eyeing tax breaks for Britain's richest companies while applauding George Osborne's plans to slash public services and make ordinary people work for longer and for less.

"Big business does not want rights for agency workers and neither do the Tories. Big business does not want more equality in the workplace and neither do the Tories. For them flexible working means the sack.

"Working families should fear the Tories, they are not on their side. A Tory government would dash any hopes of a recovery and wreck Britain's economy and public services. "


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