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Unite: Serco Staff to Strike in Royal Navy Support Dispute


Hundreds of Ministry of Defence marine support workers employed by private contractor Serco are to strike next week in a dispute over jobs for casual workers.

The stoppage on December 27 will be followed on January 3 by a work-to-rule by Serco employees at Falmouth, Devonport, Portsmouth, Faslane and Great Harbour on the Clyde. The workers involved work on the tugs and support ships which provide fresh water and sanitary services to the warships in naval training areas.

The action follows a ballot by Unite: the union among marine support workers to defend jobs and seek assurances for the future of a 15-year contract for Royal Navy support services.

Unite national secretary Peter Allenson said: "Following a significant vote for strike action, our members agreed to seek to resolve the issue of jobs and longer contracts for casual staff through local negotiation. Those discussions went well, but central management then reneged on outcomes of those talks. were

"Our members now have no option but to activate their strike decision. We hope this will persuade the company to take part in meaningful talks aimed at resolving the problem. After years of loyal support service to the Royal Navy, our members deserve better treatment."


Unite was formed on 1st May 2007 through a merger of amicus and the Transport and General Workers Union (T&G)

For further information Peter Allenson on 07980 721 434

or Unite press office on 020 7611 2550

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