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Unite's reaction to the Pre-budget report

Unite joint general secretary, Derek Simpson said:
"Today's Pre-budget report gives Britain a reason to be optimistic this Christmas and beyond.
This is a welcome warm up exercise after 30 years of inaction and neo-liberal economics. Gordon Brown has thrown-off the shackles of new Labour to reveal the real Labour.

"Gordon Brown has shown himself to be a man of action unlike David Cameron and his Tories, whose solution to the current crisis is to do nothing. If David Cameron were Prime Minister, there would be cuts in public spending, public servants would lose their jobs and vulnerable families would lose the support they desperately need."

Tony Woodley, joint general secretary said:
"The Government has shown that it is listening to people's fears and is helping the people of this country weather the economic storm.

"The Government has shown that it is willing to embrace progressive politics but it must stay courageous. If the banks steadfastly refuse to help this economy recover then state ownership of them can be the only way forward. There is simply too much at stake to allow the banks to continue to operate to their own rules, irrespective of the terrible damage they are doing to jobs and communities across the country."

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