Britain's biggest trade union was launched on the 1st May 2007 with a "join us to stop exploitation" message to young workers - and the announcement of a major new recognition agreement.

Unite - the union is the two million-strong combination of amicus and the Transport and General Workers' Union. The joint general secretaries of Unite, Derek Simpson and Tony Woodley, pledged that the new union will pour resources into organising non-union members across Britain and Ireland, particularly in sectors with younger workers, and will seek mergers abroad to build a truly global trade union. Read the full release: Workers urged to 'Unite' as UK's biggest union is launched.

To read the full rules of the new union please check out the Instrument of Amalgamation or alternatively download a PDF file from the Admin & Services group of the T&G extranet.


The T&G is the UK's largest general union, with approximately 800,000 members in every type of workplace.

The T&G has a long and proud tradition of representing its members and is committed to being a union that fights back, winning for members in the workplace. It is a campaigning union, active as a voice for working people and it is a tolerant union, which treats people with dignity and respect.

While the world of work has changed radically over the past century, the issues that made people join unions in past decades are still relevant today. The T&G is focused on pursuing a range of key aims including gaining decent pay and conditions, ensuring workplace safety and security, tackling unfairness, providing advice and support as well as campaigning on the key issues of the day. As a campaigning union, the T&G makes an essential contribution to society as a whole by seeking to influence and guide policy development to make a real and effective difference to people on the ground.

The T&G has consistently stood for these values since its foundation in 1922. It is a democratic organisation committed to advancing the interests of workers in the workplace and the wider community. The T&G campaigns on the issues that matter, and campaigns in Parliament, in Europe, in the council chambers, in the media and at the grassroots, ensuring inclusion by covering the issues that impact all levels of society.


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