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A living resource for speech and language therapists

RCSLT’s Communicating Quality Live - guidance and resources to support all RCSLT members in meeting the standards of the regulator, the HCPC.


Communicating Quality Live is a set of RCSLT guidance and resources to support all RCSLT members to meet the standards of the regulator, the Health and Care Professions Council.

It’s structured around ten key areas of professional practice including communication, reporting concerns and managing risk.

In each area, you will find links to the HCPC’s standards and our guidance.

Linked to each of the areas of professional practice are further resources to help you in practice and include topics such as supervision, information governance, inclusive communication, and communication technology.

We have also worked with members to develop a range of CQ Live scenarios, looking at practical common challenges facing members such as:

Can I use remote supervision?
Is it ok to use Facebook for outreach work?
Do I need to worry about confidentiality when using iPads with my service users?

Working through scenarios like these, contribute to your continuing professional development. 

But, crucially, it helps signpost you to link together all the latest RCSLT information across the evidence base, policy and practice such as our new clinical webpages, and our growing research centre.

As an online resource, it will evolve in response to changes in professional practice, emerging research, changing policy and government-led initiatives and legislation across the UK.

And, as a ‘live’ resource, it will continue to be updated through your feedback and contributions to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

After all, it’s members like you who have helped to create and shape CQ Live so far.

Almost 2000 SLTs made a total of 10,000 contributions during a series of workshops where we sought your input to co-create the CQ Live guidance and resources.

The launch of CQ Live is an exciting moment for the speech and language therapy profession.

We couldn’t have developed it without you.

Come and see what you think…

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