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Charities taking charge – transforming to face a changing world

Charities face increasing pressure today with austerity and rising demands.

Add new technologies and political shifts like Brexit to the equation and we’re entering new territory.

As part of new research, NPC asked around 400 charity leaders how they are adapting to deliver social impact in this context.

While some charities are leading the way, others are bogged down by issues mostly out of their hands.

There's space for charities to take charge.

Here are three things we learned.

There are opportunities for charities to focus on activities that help them deliver the greatest impact. This could mean decreasing activity in some areas. And it certainly means collaborating with others to collectively bring about change.

Digital and data can transform how organisations work and deliver services, both by themselves and through networks. Yet senior management and leadership need to take strategic ownership to harness its full potential.

We need a culture shift. One where charities see people not just as consumers or service users but as change-makers.

There is more to be done to support and empower people to make a difference for themselves and their communities.

Charities may have many challenges but this research shows they can take ownership and use what’s in their power to move forward.

By working collaboratively, thinking creatively, and looking afresh at their relationships and resources, there’s an opportunity to flip the narrative.

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