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British citizens are already among the last to claim their state pension in Europe. Our state pension age is rising to 68. 

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68 is too late.

British citizens are already among the last to claim their state pension in Europe.

Our state pension age is rising to 68:

- Women - who until recently retired at 60 - will, like men, have to work to 65 by 2018

- Those aged 58 and under receive the state pension at 66; those 50 and under must wait to 67; and everyone 35 and under 35 must work to 68.

- 68 will be the highest state pension age in Europe. The UK government is already planning further increases. Only Germany, Denmark, Poland and Spain plan to raise their retirement age above 65 - to 67.

- 68 is too late is a campaign launched by three trade unions - PCS, Unite and the National Union of Teachers - to mobilise the public against plans which could see the finishing line for access to state pensions moved ever further forward. A child born today could be asked to work well into their 70s.

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