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NUT: Members vote for strike action in Jersey

A substantial majority of NUT members have voted in favour of taking industrial action over the pay freeze imposed by the States of Jersey.

Arrangements will now be made to start the industrial action later this term alongside the NASUWT. The action being considered is both a refusal to undertake duties short of strike action and strike action.

Christine Blower, General Secretary of the NUT, the largest teachers' union said;

"Teachers in Jersey have shown their continuing dismay at the unwillingness of their employer to negotiate a pay settlement for 2009 which is now nearly 12 months overdue.

"The NUT and other unions have repeatedly attempted to enter into a proper negotiating situation and been rebuffed. We feel that teachers are being made to suffer as a result of problems caused by others and that the money to give an adequate pay rise which was originally in the budget should be restored.

"We urge the State Employment Board to continue negotiations with the NUT and the NASUWT to resolve this dispute and avoid the industrial action which our members have voted for".

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