Campaign against the new GTCE Code of Conduct and Practice

All NASUWT members are being urged to Sign the Petition to the GTCE calling for the withdrawal of the General Teaching Council for England (GTCE) Code of Conduct and Practice for teachers and headteachers.

The NASUWT believes that the new Code of Conduct and Practice, due to come into force in October 2009, intrudes into teachers' personal lives and fundamentally undermines their basic human rights. The NASUWT put in a comprehensive response to the consultation on the Code of Conduct and Practice and none of the Union's concerns have been addressed.

Beat the BNP

It is deeply disturbing that BNP councillors have been elected in a number of local authorities and equally disturbing that they could potentially end up on governing bodies. The NASUWT has already been alerted to one case in the East Midlands where a BNP councillor may be set to become a vice-chair of governors.

The NASUWT is campaigning vigorously for the teacher's contract to be amended in line with those of the police, armed forces and prison service to prevent BNP members from working as teachers.

We are equally strongly pressing for BNP members to be banned from serving on governing bodies. However, there is an immediate threat posed by those already serving on governing bodies that needs to be addressed.

Vote for Education

The NASUWT is a politically independent trade union representing teachers and headteachers throughout the United Kingdom. The Union has no party political affiliation which means that it is well placed to assess objectively the potential impact of the policies of each of the political parties and what these policies will mean for the future of education, public services and trade unions.
The NASUWT is committed to ensuring that its members are fully informed about the policies of each of the political parties and the implications for schools, teachers and education.