MRSA Action UK is a registered charity that supports people who have been affected by healthcare infections. We provide advice and information to people who enquire on the best way to prepare and reduce the risks of contracting an infection.

We provide a patient voice to those who influence and regulate the delivery of high quality, safe patient care.

We work in partnership with healthcare providers, both in the public and private sector in the United Kingdom. We are an independent organisation and advise and work with government, the public, patients and other professions to promote awareness of healthcare infections and how to prevent them.

The Charity was established in 2005 by people who had been brought together through being affected by healthcare infections. We are a voluntary organisation with a constitution and are run by a Board of Trustees who are elected annually.

Our Vision
An NHS where patients can receive the highest quality care equivalent to that of other healthcare systems where the prevention of healthcare infections is considered paramount in patient care.

Our Purpose

To sustain those affected by healthcare infections by providing an advocacy and support service.

To respond to government consultation papers to reflect patients and carers' views on the prevention of healthcare associated infections.

To play a leading role in the promotion of high quality patient care and to act as an independent watchdog for better regulation of safe healthcare.

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