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Medical compensation levels are rising

This animation from the Medical Defence Union (MDU) calls for legal reform to bring fairer compensation for medical claims.


Every year medical compensation levels are rising.

Medical claims inflation is running at 10% a year, meaning the size of claims is doubling every 7 years. This is not a reflection of clinical care standards. It is the result mainly of economic pressure and an outdated legal system meaning compensation must be calculated on the basis of private rather than NHS care.

This toxic climate is causing worry about indemnity becoming unaffordable. Some doctors could be deterred from certain types of work, or worse, from practice.
This is why the Medical Defence Union, the UK’s leading medical defence organisation is campaigning for legal reforms.
In the last three years, the MDU has paid out over £100 million for high value claims – those over £1 million. 
Patients must be compensated but in a fairer more affordable way. 
Join our campaign for fairer compensation.
Better for you. Better for patients.

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