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ESRC: Moving pictures: experience of migration.

Who counts as a 'migrant'? Who are the people behind the statistics? The Economic and Social Research Council's (ESRC) Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) at the University of Oxford is holding an exhibition from 20 - 21 March at Oxford Town Hall Gallery. Using real-life stories, COMPAS presents a thought-provoking and balanced view of migration, experienced by people as they move across countries and continents.

Moving Images is an exhibition to be held as part of the ESRC's Festival of Social Science that allows the general public to access research usually only seen by academics and policymakers. Winning entries from the annual COMPAS Photo Competitions will be displayed alongside photographs taken by the centre's research staff and artwork from invited guests. The exhibition will illustrate different experiences of migration and challenge some of the widely publicised opinions about migration. The audience will be invited to take a closer look at the issues surrounding the subject and be asked to express their own experiences of migration and feeling about the exhibitions artworks.

Professor Michael Keith, Director of COMPAS, said: "This exhibition shows that debates surrounding issues of migration are not straightforward, but involve real people living real lives. While it is not possible for COMPAS to present every single person's experience of migration, we hope to present a provocative view of many common experiences of migration and bring our research findings closer to the general public."

The variety of organisations invited to contribute reflects the variety of 'experiences of migration'. Oxfordshire-based Campaign to Close Campsfield has submitted photos detailing their campaign efforts and the reasons behind it. The Shpresa Programme has contributed artwork made by Albanian speaking children from refugee, asylum and migrant backgrounds in London. A series of photos examining the localised migration caused by London's 2012 Olympic Games, taken by Juliet Davis (London School of Economics), have also been included.


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1.The exhibition opens on Saturday 20th March for a number of invited guests including artists, school children, associates of COMPAS and local press. The exhibition will be open to the general public on Sunday 21 March.

2.Moving pictures: experience of migration

Organiser: Centre on Migration, Policy and Society

Sunday 21 March 9:00am - 6:00pm

Venue: Oxford Town Hall Gallery, Oxford Town Hall, St Aldates, Oxford. OX1 1BX

Audience: suitable for all

For more information: 'Moving pictures: experiences of migration'

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