The Alliance's Mission & Purpose

The Countryside Alliance's purpose is to campaign for the countryside, country sports and the rural way of life.

Through its campaigning, lobbying, publicity and education activities the Alliance seeks to influence legislation and public policymaking so as to help ensure the sustainability of rural community life -- for the benefit of everyone who believes that a real countryside is worth saving.

The Alliance is a membership organisation, soon to have incorporated company status, with over 100,000 full ordinary members plus some 250,000 associate members through affiliated clubs and societies.

The organisation is politically non-aligned and has devolved operations in all four parts of the UK. Our countryside needs policy, not party politics. It is up to the Governments of the day to provide constructive, coherent policy, which helps rather than harms rural families. This can only happen if politicians consult rural communities, gain their consent for proposed policy and legislation, and wherever possible empower them to help find and implement their own solutions. The Alliance aims to help ensure this happens.