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The Chartered Management Institute is the only chartered professional body in the UK dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence.

What's new

  • Delivering diversity

    CMI's latest report shows how businesses can increase BAME diversity through the management pipeline.

  • An age of uncertainty

    A third of young people aged 16 to 21 in the UK aren’t confident about finding a job in the next few years and lack information about local job opportunities, according to a new report published by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and EY Foundation.

  • The 23% gender pay gap

    Male managers are 40% more likely than female managers to be promoted into senior roles, and the gender pay gap remains largely unchanged at 23%.

  • Parents prefer degree apprenticeships

    New research from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) asked 1,000 parents of 16-21 year olds how they valued Degree Apprenticeships. 61% of parents surveyed preferred to see their child take this route than a degree from Oxford or Cambridge university.

  • Less than half of 14-24 year olds receive useful careers advice

    CMI-backed Professions Week research reveals that parents also need more help with careers guidance for their children.

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