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Call for Local Roads maintenance to have long term funding

The TSC has called for a  front-loaded, five-year funding settlement as the only way local authorities would be able to address a deteriorating local roads network and plan ahead.

CIHT gave evidence to the committee and recommended the need to look at a longer-term funding horizon to bring local roads up to an appropriate standard.

Lilian Greenwood MP, Chair of the Transport Committee said:

"Local roads are the arteries of our villages, towns and cities, but most people won’t have to go further than the local shops to spot a pothole that poses a risk of injury or damage.

“Local authorities are in the invidious position of having to rob Peter to pay Paul. Cash-strapped councils are raiding their highways and transport budgets to fund core services. This is not an isolated example – it’s been a common thread in our other recent inquiries on buses and active travel. Now is the time for the Department to propose a front-loaded, long-term funding settlement to the Treasury as part of the forthcoming Spending Review.

“Almost every journey begins and ends on local roads: the DfT must work with the public and local authorities to make them safe.”

CIHT is carrying out a review: Improving Local Highways, led by Matthew Lugg OBE, Immediate Past President of CIHT that will further make the case for the local highway network.

Matthew Lugg, Immediate Past President, CIHT said

"We are pleased that the TSC has agreed with our evidence on the need for a longer term settlement for local roads. The TSC has also agreed with our evidence of the need for collaboration and innovation to drive forward the necessary change in the sector.

"Our improving local highways review (which will be released shortly) will take some of the recommendations by the TSC further and outline a need for greater investment underpinned by good asset data, governance and delivery that benefits society."

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