The BMF (British Motorcyclists Federation) represents over 92,000 members and is Europe's largest, most effective, rider organisation.

Formed in 1960 it represents the views of the ordinary road-going motorcyclist. A member of the Government's Advisory Group on Motorcycling, it is consulted widely by Government departments and local authorities. A powerful lobby group in its own right it also ensures a voice in Europe though membership of the Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations (FEMA).

The BMF also organizes a range of shows and events throughout the year, including the two-day BMF Show, the biggest of its type in Europe. Member benefits include legal advice; insurance schemes; RAC membership scheme, a BMF credit card, discount deals and a bi-monthly magazine, Motorcycle Rider.

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What's new

  • BMF: Government Plays Musical Chairs, but Where Now for Motorcycles?

    With final responsibilities in the Government’s reshuffle still to be announced*, the British Motorcyclists Federation have today expressed their concerns over the future of the Ministerial Review into motorcycle driving licence testing.

  • BMF: Farewell MOTs, Hello RWTs

    New EU Proposals for Road Worthiness Tests to replace MOTs: In response to many concerns over the proposed new EU Road Worthiness Tests, the BMF have produced a briefing document, ‘The EU, MOTs, RWTs and You’ summarising the proposal’s main effects.

  • BMF: Bikefest Kelso

    The second show in the BMF’s season sees the party heading North to the Borders Union Showground at Kelso. This is a great event for those who enjoy camping (and for those who prefer the day visit!) because of the fantastic setting.

  • BMF: The Nuts And Bolts Of Type Approval

    Motorcyclists concerned over the EU Type Approval regulations currently being debated can now get clarification on what it means for them thanks to a new briefing document, ‘Type Approval and You’ produced by the British Motorcyclists Federation.

  • BMF Cautious over Historic Vehicles MOT Exemption

    The announcement by the Government that vehicles manufactured before 1960 will no longer have to pass an MOT, has received a cautious welcome from the British Motorcyclists Federation.

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