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BASC states support for fight against raptor persecution

BASC has today told The Times that it remains committed to the fight against raptor persecution.

The newspaper has carried an article claiming a number of rural organisations - including BASC - boycotted a meeting last week of the Raptor Persecution Priority Delivery Group (RPPDG).

BASC is still a member of the group and is focused on working with partner organisations to stamp out raptor persecution.

Steve Bloomfield, BASC’s executive director of shooting and operations, said: “BASC is an active member of the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime and works with a wide range of individuals and organisations to tackle wildlife crime. To be unequivocal, raptor persecution has no place in modern game and wildlife management.

“BASC’s membership of the Raptor Persecution Priority Delivery Group is well known and on record, although the content of meetings is confidential.

“BASC remains committed to constructive dialogue with all sides of the debate in the hope it can help bring about an end to the persecution of raptors. Involvement from BASC is on the basis of this.”


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