The Association of British Insurers (ABI) is the trade body for insurance companies with around 400 members accounting for almost 97% of the worldwide business of UK insurance companies.

ABI provides leadership on issues affecting the industry's future and image; it shapes and influences decisions made by the Government, regulator and other public authorities, within and outside the UK, in order to benefit the industry collectively and communicates on its behalf to the media and other stakeholders. ABI provides a range of services to members to underpin this role.

ABI members have substantial holdings invested in company shares and other assets on behalf of millions of savers in the UK and elsewhere. ABI takes an active part in issues surrounding corporate governance and socially responsible investment.

Our 'Key Facts' document provides details about the insurance industry. To view it please click here.

For a comprehensive guide to insurance and insurance products, please consult the Information for Consumers section of our main website.

For contact details of ABI member insurance companies click here.

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