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Innovation to cut crime and protect victims

Electronic Monitoring can be used to track and locate offenders, and is being trialled to tackle the most persistent offenders. Reducing crime, improving efficiency, protecting victims and assisting rehabilitation.


Police and Crime Commissioners have led innovative ways to cut crime and costs up and down the country.

Take electronic monitoring, for example. The latest GPS technology gives front line professionals the ability to see and respond to an offender’s movements in real time and is one way that leading Police and Crime Commissioner and forces have helped keep their communities safe.

GPS devices can also be used to track and locate offenders on day release from prison should they not return helping forces to respond to these incidences efficiently.

Electronic monitoring is being trialled to tackle the most persistent offenders. Statistics show that of one million offenders, 10% are responsible for 50% of all crime. What if your force could track these prolific offenders and monitor their activities?

Results of local technology pilots have been impressive

A Metropolitan Police pilot that ran for nine months until February 2015 saved 96 hours in arrest enquiries and provided total savings of £169,000, which increases to around £2.8 million if you include the crimes the offenders admitted they would have committed during the time they were tagged.

The need for forces to deliver improved policing for survivors of domestic abuse, has been stressed by the Home Secretary. In Northumbria and Cheshire paired proximity GPS, a solution which creates a monitored safe zone around the victim, has been used to help keep victims protected from abusers who have been ordered to keep their distance.

Electronic monitoring is straightforward to implement, without complex IT integration or costs. Forces can choose to monitor offenders retrospectively via their IOM teams, in their control room or through an experienced, recommended third party and achieve measurable results quickly.

At 3M, we have successfully deployed over 200,000 units on legs and implemented over 250 electronic monitoring programmes worldwide over the last 20 years.

Electronic Monitoring…reducing crime, improving efficiency, protecting victims and assisting rehabilitation. 

For more information about this technology and how it can be deployed by UK forces contact 3M.

Telephone Matt Prevett on 07808 781 945
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