3M is a diversified technology company which was founded in 1902, and has pioneered technological innovation ever since. It makes more than 55,000 solutions delivering an extensive range of products, technologies and services to customers in over 200 countries. Our brands include: Post-it, Scotch and Nexcare.

Today 3M invests more than $1.5 billion a year in R&D. It has applied its expertise in RFID technology to deliver biometric passports; it is using its understanding of the healthcare industry to provide hospitals with infection prevention and detection solutions; and its digital signage offerings are revolutionising the way business communication with their customers, their employees and the general public.

3M employs more than 75,000 people in over 60 countries. The UK and Ireland is home to one of the largest 3M subsidiaries outside the USA, employing 3,850 people in 17 locations, 11 of which are manufacturing sites.

Corporate responsibility is now high on national and international agendas. Yet 3M has long held the belief that reputation depends not solely on our financial performance, but also on the way we run our business. In 1975, 3M was the first major manufacturing company to actively address environmental issues and, as with our drive for innovation, we involved employees through our benchmark programme 'Pollution Prevention Pays'.

We believe we have a sound record of achievement in corporate responsibility but continually strive to improve our performance and address the ongoing challenges and opportunities. We are committed to sustainable development through a proactive approach to environmental protection, social responsibility and strong economic progress.

We also play an active role in the communities where we have manufacturing plants or offices. Learn more about our 3M Community Programme in the UK and Ireland.

3M is a founder member of the World's Business Council for sustainable development. The company is also frequently cited as a benchmark for its environmental policies and is regularly among the world's most respected and most socially responsible companies in the national and international surveys.

Read more about 3M's environmental, community and economic programmes.

Visit the 3M website for more information.

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