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This special edition of the Politics.co.uk newsletter is brought to you in association with Statoil.

It's been an avalanche of energy news over the last 24 hours. Not content with announcing a huge infrastructure bonanza, the bulk of which goes to the energy portfolio, the government has also rolled out its draft strike prices for the renewable sector, confirmed an electricity capacity market for 2014 and revealed the full potential of shale gas for the UK. It's not a bad moment, then, for us to be sending out this collection of news stories, comment and analysis pieces and features focusing on the sector's dilemmas and headaches in recent weeks.

Energy news in association with Statoil

From nowhere, a British power cuts crisis looms

The UK won't face power cuts - but dodging them could involve restarting old oil and gas power stations

Mothballed fossil fuel power stations may be brought back online to counter a short-term energy supply crisis, it emerged today.

Ed Davey: No more false starts on carbon capture

CCS probably doesn't actually look like this - but it is critical to making fossil fuels sustainable

Britain will make progress on developing carbon capture and storage, Ed Davey has promised, despite admitting "frustrating" progress on the technology.

Exclusive: Communities could be cheated of shale gas compensation payments

A derrick and platform drilling a shale gas wells in Pennsylvania. US development of shale gas is thought to be much more straightforward than in the UK

Communities could be cheated of compensation payments for shale gas extraction under plans being drawn up by the government.

The oil chief's new clothes: Behind the grand strategy, energy bosses are just like the rest of us

'Emotion' - a bad word for the oil company bosses

Don't let the oil men fool you. They operate in a field above and beyond the petty squabbles of nation states. But they have to win contracts and keep governments happy all the same. It is not a game they are winning at right now.

Britain's great energy debate

Can you tackle climate change without ruining our quality of life? Politics.co.uk takes an in-depth look at an issue with no easy solutions.

Podcast: Britain's energy crossroads

It's decision time for Britain's energy debate. Not in the next week or so, or even the next few months. But in the next ten years or so, when our politicians will be making a series of crunch decisions that will determine the nature of the UK's energy mix for much of the next century.

Issue brief: Energy policy

'Keeping the lights on' might seem like a flippant cliché to some, but it is a serious business for those tasked with making sure there is enough electricity to go round over the next century or so.

Comment: The case for shale gas is growing

The shale gas industry is on the cusp of moving into the mainstream - and the potential economic benefits are huge.

Comment: Time to rekindle the coal industry

Coal has traditionally been criticised as a fuel source - but new clean coal technologies could be better for the UK than wind or solar power.

Comment: More renewable energy doesn't mean less emissions

Carbon reduction targets, not a slavish devotion to renewable energy, is the real answer to the European energy riddle.

Analysis: No short-term fixes to Britain's energy angst

Since launching its 2008 energy supply probe, Ofgem has produced a series of 'remedies' aimed at trying to fix what it sees as an uncompetitive retail gas and electricity supply market.

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