Labour presses home advantage as govt drops clauses of NHS bill

On the front foot: Burnham tries to kill off NHS reform
On the front foot: Burnham tries to kill off NHS reform

By staff

Andy Burnham is trying to seize the initiative today, after the government dropped two pivotal aspects of its NHS reforms in the face of opposition.

The shadow health secretary set up an online petition demanding the reforms are dropped and promised rallies across the country involving health staff and campaigners.

"Cameron is ploughing on with his health bill, ignoring public and professional opinion," he said.

"He is out of touch with Britain. It's time to make him listen."

Late last night the government dropped plans to promote the autonomy of NHS organisations, part of proposals to promote competition in the health service.

The move comes as organisers desperately try to head off a rebellion in the Lords, working with rebels to get the bill passed.

Lib Dem and Labour peers are picking the bill apart in the upper chamber, but there is uncertainty over how committed Lib Dems are after the party collapsed following government pressure last month.


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