Border Agency mocked for hiding lost applicants in 'controlled archive'

Under the carpet? Lost applicants are being filed under 'controlled archive'.
Under the carpet? Lost applicants are being filed under 'controlled archive'.

By Ian Dunt

The UK Border Agency faces a humiliating attack from MPs today, who have mocked it for its "euphemistic" management-speak.

MPs on the home affairs committee criticised the agency for filing lost applicants in a category marked 'controlled archive'.

"The so-called 'controlled archive' has become a dumping ground for cases where the UK Border Agency has lost track of the applicant," chairman Keith Vaz said.

"From 18,000 files last November, it has now grown to 124,000 - the equivalent of the population of Cambridge."

The 'controlled-archive' has grown exponentially in the last six months, from 40,500 in March to 124,000 in September.

"Any further rise in the number of files transferred to the archive will be considered a failing on the part of the agency," the report warns.

It also attacked the agency for failing to recognise the term 'bogus college' even though it is in regular use in Home Office documents and press releases.

The damning report complained that 350 foreign national prisoners due to be deported are still in the country and asked why 18,000 legacy cases are still awaiting a final decision despite sitting on the books for over five years.


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