Archive of 2 June 2008

MPs have voiced concern at the way the Post Office is financed

MPs critical of Post Office financing

MPs have claimed there is little transparency about the way the Post Office is financed by taxpayers' money.

  • The chairman claimed Boris would make a better Mayor

    TravelWatch chairman sacked over Boris gaff

    The chairman of TravelWatch, the London transport watchdog, has been sacked from his post following comments he made in the London mayoral election supporting Boris Johnson's candidacy.

  • Unite's joint general secretary is planning to maintain Labour funding

    Unions urge Labour to tax oil companies

    Tax cuts for ordinary families should be funded through a windfall tax on oil companies, Derek Simpson, the joint general secretary of Unite said today.

  • Gordon Brown refusing to back down on 42-day detention

    Brown stands firm on 42 days

    Gordon Brown says increasing pre-charge detention for terror suspects to 42 days is the "right way to protect national security".

  • Migrationwatch wants better border controls

    EU immigrant impact played down

    An analysis of migration figures since 1991 suggests concerns over immigrants from eastern Europe may be misplaced.

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