Britishness day dropped

Britishness day dropped
Britishness day dropped

Plans for a 'Britishness' day have been dropped by the government, it has been revealed.

The plans - a mainstay of Gordon Brown's administration since he entered Downing Street - appear to have been dropped from a citizenship review.

In a written answer to a Conservative MP, government minister Michael Wills said: "A number of Lord Goldsmith's recommendations [for the citizenship review] merit further consideration across government and will be taken into account in discussion and debate on policy development in these areas.

"However, there are no plans to introduce a national day at the present time."

Officials wanted the day to be an opportunity for Britons to celebrate the country, as the French do on Bastille day.

But expectations were hit when it was revealed the government wanted the day to occur on a pre-existing bank holiday in August rather than create a new one.

The plan was also subject to ridicule when it was revealed communities could drink all day as a celebration of British culture.


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