Archive of 4 January 2008

The report says the benefits system is too complicated

Benefit system 'deters work'

Britain's complicated benefits system can put claimants off returning to work, a report claims.

  • Boris one point behind mayor Ken

    Johnson closes odds on Livingstone

    The race between Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson is too close to call as the two candidates for mayor of London face a final four months of campaigning.

  • Govt wants new generation of nuclear power plants

    Scientists criticise nuclear plans

    The government's attempts to reach consensus over plans for a new generation of nuclear power stations have once again provoked controversy.

  • Gordon Brown may prevent the Zimbabwe cricket from touring England next year

    Brown could bar Zimbabwe cricketers

    Gordon Brown could step up his opposition to Zimbabwe leader Robert Mugabe by preventing the African nation's cricketers from touring England next year.

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