Archive of 25 January 2008

Government wants to expand its "deep truth" about individuals

Govt 'should step back' from identity strategy

The government's agenda of tailoring public services to the need of individuals has dangerous implications, a thinktank warns today.

  • Metronet was supposed to upgrade nine of the underground's 12 lines

    MPs flag Metronet failure

    Future public-private partnerships (PPP) should always bear in mind the "spectacular failure" of Metronet, MPs have warned.

  • Purnell leads Cabinet reshuffle

    Brown's new Cabinet begins work

    Gordon Brown's re-shuffled Cabinet began work today as the prime minister's new year "fight-back" was set-back by the resignation of Peter Hain.

  • Tories call for govt to scrap ID cards

    Tories continue anti-ID card pressure

    The Scottish Conservative party today launched a new campaign against the government's forthcoming national identity card scheme.

  • Gordon Brown denies poor judgement over Peter Hain

    Brown: I didn't dither over Hain

    Gordon Brown has denied "dithering" over Peter Hain, who resigned from the government yesterday after the Metropolitan police was asked to investigate his failure to report £103,000 in donations.

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