Brown to write book on 'Britishness'

Brown to write book on 'Britishness'
Brown to write book on 'Britishness'

Gordon Brown is preparing to write a book on Britishness, he has revealed.

Appearing as a surprise guest at the Edinburgh book festival, Mr Brown announced the book - his third in four years - would be published in the spring.

It's a subject the prime minister has invested considerable attention in, to greater or lesser effect.

His call for Britons to adopt American practices of hanging the national flag in their back garden was met with derision and contempt but other calls, for instance to fly the Union Jack from public buildings all year round, earned favourable reviews from the tabloids.

Mr Brown has apparently approached various religious leaders for their views on modern Britain as well as authors Ian Rankin and JK Rowling.

Speaking at the festival, Mr Brown described the current success of the Scottish National party north of the border as a "phase".

"We share the same values about liberty, about democracy, about the need for social cohesion and for people to work together cooperatively," he said.

"We share respect for similar institutions like the health service."

But critics say Mr Brown's focus on Britishness reflects a nervousness about the effect of his Scotch roots on middle-England.


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