Tories publish 'cruel' report on Brown's first year

Critics say Mr Cameron has reverted to 'Punch and Judy politics'
Critics say Mr Cameron has reverted to 'Punch and Judy politics'

The Tories have published a 32-page booklet about Gordon Brown's first year in power which critics are calling "brutal" and "cruel".

Among the allegations in 'Gordon Brown Annual Report - Do We Want Five More Years of This?' are stories of Mr Brown's legendary rages and neurotic nervousness.

Labour has jumped on the booklet as further evidence of David Cameron's move to 'Punch and Judy politics' and berated its personal line of attack.

Labour vice-chairman Dawn Butler said: "Whatever their politics, I think that most people in this country know that Gordon Brown is a decent man with integrity, trying to do the best for Britain in difficult times.

"I think they will be disgusted by this kind of personal attack."

The leaflet contains several eyebrow-raising moments, including the rumour one unnamed Cabinet member described Mr Brown as "basically mental" and "getting worse".

One story even claims Mr Brown stapled his own hand out of fear of facing David Cameron at the dispatch box.

The leaflet also features a quote from Phil Collins, Tony Blair's speechwriter, saying: "Brown doesn't need a speechwriter - he needs a magician."


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