Further doubts cast on Spelman

Ms Spelman's account is being called into question
Ms Spelman's account is being called into question

Tory chairman Caroline Spelman is facing even more doubts over her explanation for Tina Haynes' role after the woman's father-in-law came out to call the story "ridiculous".

Ms Spelman says she employed Tina Haynes as a secretary out of the public purse but that she occasionally did some work as a nanny around the house as well.

Now John Haynes, her father-in-law, has said: "She has no idea how to be a secretary or do secretarial work.

"She has only ever worked as a nanny since I've known her. That's all she knows."

The comment comes a week after Janet Parry, a former politics student, cast doubt on a different aspect of Ms Spelman's account.

Ms Spelman had defended her use of Ms Haynes as both nanny and constituency secretary because she lacked an office in her seat, meaning Ms Haynes had to work from her home.

But Ms Parry said she applied and received work experience with Ms Spelman in 1997 at an office of the Meriden Conservative Association in nearby Solihull.


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