Sleaze watchdog 'considering' Tory investigation

Ms Spelman's case could come under investigation
Ms Spelman's case could come under investigation

Caroline Spelman's employment of her nanny using taxpayer funds could be investigated by the parliamentary commissioner for standards.

Following a meeting with Ms Spelman yesterday, John Lyon, the Westminster sleaze watchdog, said he was "carefully considering" whether to investigate the Tory chairman.

While it would be, in his own words, "exceptional" to investigate a case more than seven years old the watchdog has refused to rule out the case.

Such a turn of events would prove highly irritating to David Cameron who has dedicated a substantial amount of his attention as party leader to ridding the Conservative 'brand' from the word 'sleaze'.

Ms Spelman claims she did nothing wrong by doubling up Tina Haynes' role as nanny with that of secretary, but Labour MP John Mann has called on her to give the money back unless she can prove categorically that Ms Haynes provided secretarial services.


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