'Britain Day' pencilled in for August bank holiday

'Britain Day' is pencilled in for August bank holiday
'Britain Day' is pencilled in for August bank holiday

The government is planning to hold 'Britain Day' on the August bank holiday, it has been revealed.

In a speech this evening to thinktank Progress, Liam Byrne, immigration minister, will say the weekend could include a speech by the Queen, street parties, charity events and posters of famous Britons.

He will also make a unique and unexpected attempt to frame the government's immigration policy as part of a progressive agenda.

"Labour can win an argument about migration on progressive terms only if we both celebrate the benefits of newcomers and bind a contract with newcomers, with the fairness that is a great British tradition," he will say.

"In our heart, we know that Britain is richer and more interesting because of the contribution that migration brings.

"British people in essence want no more of newcomers than four commitments: to learn English, to work hard and pay taxes, to follow the law and to make an effort to integrate. That does not sound over the top, chauvinist or reactionary."

Mr Byrne will also point to government research showing support for a 'Britain Day' running at two to one.


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