Boris pounces on late Livingstone

Boris attacked the late running Livingstone
Boris attacked the late running Livingstone

London mayor Ken Livingstone arrived 30 minutes late for a BBC radio debate today, claiming he had needed to spend more time with his children.

Originally aides for Mr Livingstone claimed the mayor was running late for the Asian Network debate because he had been held up on the London Underground.

However, his Conservative rival in the upcoming mayoral elections Boris Johnson claimed that the Transport for London (TfL) website showed "a good service in the Stratford area".

Mr Livingstone was then forced to admit he was late because his children "wanted a little time this morning, sorry about that".

"Yeah, I'm very sorry. Look, my kids haven't seen me any evening this week and they didn't see me at the weekend and they just wanted a little time this morning, sorry about that," he said.

"I left the house late. The kids were just... they don't understand why daddy spends more time with Boris than with them."

In response Mr Johnson used the opportunity to attack London's "failing" transport system.

"Increased delays because of London's failing transport system means families across London get less and less time with their loved ones every day. Londoners have run out of excuses to give their employers to cover up for the fact they arrive late at work," the Tory candidate said.

"This is a mayor who has clearly had his day given he either cannot be bothered to show up to an important debate for London's Asian community or has to make up excuses to cover up for the fact the Tube doesn't run on time.

"Either way Londoners deserve a change for better and have the choice to vote for it on May 1st," he added.


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